The Breakfast Club

+44 20 7729 5252
2-4 Rufus St Hoxton Sq Hoxton Greater London
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8.8 (1066 Oy)

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Missed breakfast? Never fear, the Breakfast Club - as it's name suggests - won't let you down, because "it's always breakfast-time somewhere in the world" -The Guardian

Someone should buy the whole terrace and open Brunch Club, Lunch Club, Dinner Club, Tea Club (for northerners), Supper Club and Fight Club. Slow conveyor belt moves Hoxtonites from one to the next. -Londonist

Has free Wi-Fi and power sockets -Dave

leave a long time free for your visit. the service is always unbelievably bad. -Matt

Check out the Fraggle Rock wallpaper in the loo! -tikichris

The All American breakfast. Pancakes, eggs, hash browns, sausage, bacon. Need we say more. -Glassworks Studios

Very average meal. Can't even do a decent American pancake. Overrated. -Chris

Good meals based on breakfast theme. -Clive

Good breakfasts, terrible service -Joe

Great service dispute being packed. Wifi password is morningglory ;) -Documentally

Nice place on a sunday early afternoon..try "the Elvis": Banana & peanut butter milkshake!! -Aurelien

All the tips about the huevos rancheros are not employing nearly enough capital letters or exclamation points. -Andy

The huevos rancheros here is ridiculously good - fantastic chorizo -Simon

Come early - insane queues. -Phil

DON'T come here on weekends - service is SHIT w/ their temp/wk.end staff who are damn rude!! weekdays are fine -athie

Don't go before 8am - despite it being a club involving 'breakfast'; doesn't open til 8am, which sucks if you arrive hungry at 7.30am -Siobhan

The egg and bacon sandwiches are good. -rey

The WLAN password is gettingjiggywithit as of today. -Christoph

Loved the blueberry pancakes and the delicious cappucino! -Anne-sophie

Everyone talking about the food, nobody talking about the bathrooms. Fraggle Rock wallpaper, incredible! -Jack