Kellogg's Diner

(718) 782-4502
518 Metropolitan Ave at Union Ave Brooklyn NY
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6.2 (528 Oy)

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Let me guess two facts about your life if you're at Kellog's Diner: you're here after 12 AM and your server is an enormous asshole. -Jeanie

Caroline is NOT here. -David

someone care to explain why they have a bouncer? it's... a diner. -Jarid

NEED. FOOD. NOW. -Elicia

Get a peanut butter black and white milkshake or you are fucking up. -Igor

Hipsters hate spendning money -Steven????

If you have friends visiting from out-of-town that watch the series How to Make It America on HBO, you can walk by, point to Kellogg's & say "this is where the Rasta Monsta truck got jacked." -Dee Phunk

Avoid at all cost. It feels like a good idea when you are hungry and it's after midnight. But really it's not. The food is bad, and way way overpriced. -Aya

Try the food. -Veronica

Get the onion rings instead of the fries. They're huge, golden and amazing. -gingerbread

Bacon, Egg & Cheese on a Bagel = Heaven! -Daniel

For $1.25 you can get a bagel with butter and jelly... Then just eat all of your friends leftover bites because they will be too drunk to finish. -Ryan

Dude. You're here, it's probably 2am at least, and you have no right to be picky. Get some eggs and people-watch. -Kodi

Chicken Fingers and Chocolate Milkshake. ALL THE WAY. -Shani

Come here if you're a thrill seeker and the idea of a moderate-to-strong risk of catching food poisoning appeals to you. -Isaac

Hate they don't take American Express anymore  -Jae R ????

it is so freaking hot in here -n

For breakfast, get the Reuben Wrap: pastrami, scrambled eggs, and melted cheddar. Delicious. -Andrew

Pizza fries and sprite is a great late nite combo -Daniel

Dont come here a fighting drunk at 430am... Someone that had a Bad night might punch your lights out! Mike Tyson PunchOut lol -Isreal #Alist