Clinton St. Baking Co. & Restaurant

(646) 602-6263
4 Clinton St at E Houston St New York NY
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9.2 (1777 Oy)

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Pancakes that are worth the five-hour wait on a Saturday, but if you go during the week you just might beat the crowd... -Thrillist

I don't care if you get the beloved blueberry pancakes or not, but the must have here is the SUGAR-CURED BACON! -Nina

Go to Clinton Street Baking Co. for dinner and order the blueberry pancakes. No line! -Kathryn

The tip list on foursquare is longer than the wait. You might finish reading by the time a table opens up! -Pierce

Fucking sugar cured bacon. Fuck. -Jack

It's Pancake Month so there's a different specialty pancake every few days (from 8am-4pm and 6-11pm), including one with raspberries and raspberry-caramel sauce tomorrow. Only available on weekdays. -Thrillist

Avoid two-hour brunch lines by ordering the stack of blueberry pancakes for dinner. -DailyCandy

Maple butter that comes with french toast & pancakes will make you feel feelings. -Emily

You'll likely have to wait a while to get a seat here around brunch time so when you do sit down, don't leave without getting their unbelievable blueberry pancakes and sugar cured bacon! -New York Habitat

Try the Blueberry Pancakes -Foodspotting

don't leave without tryig the sugar cured bacon! -Teresa

Could this be the best brunch in NYC? Expect a long, but worth it, wait. Then devour an order of the Pear Waffles – a seasonal special! -The Corcoran Group

Come by yo damn self to be seated with ease at the bar and be served in 5 minutes flat. Leave all friends and cohorts at their respective homes or cubicles. -Tyger

Sweet mother of Baby Jesus, the fried chicken & waffles is everything it's cracked up to be. Don't fear the sweet honey syrup -- put it on the chicken! -Dens

The blueberry pancakes are the best pancakes in NYC, making our list of "The Tastes That Make the City: NYC Edition." -The Tastes that Make the City

Must, must try the sugar cured bacon. It's some of the best bacon I've ever had -Janelle

i thought i had my hypothetical last meals all figured out until i had the blueberry pancakes here. unreal. -Jordan

Sugar Cured Bacon IS YOUR GOD. Worship it accordingly and offer it praise. -JP

I want to bathe in the southern breakfast; it's that good. -Cotter

Our Readers' Choice WINNER for Best Brunch. We dare you stay away from their dessert cart of chocolate cake and muffins. -Metromix